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50W 100W CO2 Autofocus CNC Fiber Laser Marking /Engraving/Engraver/Marker /Cutting/Cutter/ Machine for Metal/ Cup/Jewelry /Plastic/ Laser Marking Machine

50W 100W CO2 Autofocus CNC Fiber Laser Marking /Engraving/Engraver/Marker /Cutting/Cutter/ Machine for Metal/ Cup/Jewelry /Plastic/ Laser Marking Machine
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Product Details

We aim to be one of the leading brands of Portable Fiber Laser Marking Machine, co2 laser cutting machines, cnc laser machine in Chinese market, and set up the industry image in quality, service, and distribution etc. We are doing our best to create and promote the company's brand, open up the market and build up our image. We establish a sound position management system commensurate with talent capabilities, and strive to form a performance-priority talent evaluation system. The responsibilities and missions are the sources of motivation for the company's continuous development or advancement. 'Being customers' trusted and preferred brand supplier' is the goal of our company.

Wood Laser Engraving Machine Description

Wood Laser Engraving Machine adopts the aviation light path system, Special Dustproof Linear Module, Its Zero-maintenance for the fully optical path, guarantee the smoothness of the light knife moving and high engraving precision. Realize computer drawing(effect drawing), make all kinds of drawings, characters, graphics context, plenty and normative, cooperate with laser engraving software, and make the effect of graphics context perfectly. Large format visual working window, Large processing area, high speed, high precision, smooth cutting edges, narrow cutting slot, easy working procedure, and easy to operate. The laser machine adopts a high-quality stepper motor, LED lighting for the work area, a red light positioning function, private patent inside the structure. It's compact, layout reason, performance stable, and can continue working for a long time; Special Dustproof Linear Module, X, Y-axis of the whole machine running speed is very fast, Whole Machine empty travel speed also can reach 2000mm/s. the light knife moving along with X, Y-axis horizontally non-touching, no mechanical distortion, perfect engraving effect, adopt CO2 sealed laser tube as the heat sources of the machine, integrate the most advanced computer digital control technique, it's a high-tech digital control product unified optical, mechanism and electricity.

Wood Laser Engraving Machine Parameter

Laser tube

 CO2 Laser

Cooling Method

Built-in Water Cooling System/Independent chiller

Engraving Speed


Cutting Speed


Z-Axle Height

100mm /150mm Adjustable

Laser Output Control

1-100% Set by Software

Minimum Engraving Size

Chinese Character 2.0mm*2.0mm, English Letter 1.0mm*1.0mm

Max Scanning Precision


Locating Precision


Cutting Thickness

0-8mm(depends on different materials )

Graphic Format Supported


Compatible Software

CorelDraw/Photoshop/AutoCAD/All kinds of Embroidery Software

Power Supply

AC 220V/110V+10%, 50Hz/60Hz

The main features of Wood Laser Engraving Machine

 main features of 6040 CO2 Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine


Integrated top cover with the large visible area and bright lighting


High-speed cutting heads with higher engraving and cutting speeds


Over the top cover at multiple angles


Autofocusing dual-red focusing 


6 series aluminum high-strength sports structure,high strength,low deformation


Intelligent control panel  Comfort to the touch Convenient operation

Sample of Wood Laser Engraving Machine 

Wood Laser Engraving Machine Sample

'Positiveness, wise change, joint efforts, and win-win' is our corporate culture. We have been actively promoting the development of 50W 100W CO2 Autofocus CNC Fiber Laser Marking /Engraving/Engraver/Marker /Cutting/Cutter/ Machine for Metal/ Cup/Jewelry /Plastic/ Laser Marking Machine. We welcome any of your inquiries and concerns for our products, and we are sure that we will offer just what you want, as we always believe that your satisfaction is our success. Culture is the soul of an enterprise, and we are always guided by the values of 'integrity, responsibility, enterprising, and gratitude'.
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