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30W Fiber Laser Marker with Auto Foucus

30W Fiber Laser Marker with Auto Foucus
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Product Details

We believe that we are destined to be the best supplier of Fiber Laser Cutting Systems, Fiber Laser Welding Machine, fiber laser machine in the market since we have excellent quality products and first-class services. We are going to serve you with all sincerity! Our company warmly welcome friends from all over the world to visit, investigate and negotiate business. We have fully realized informationization, standardization and humanization in management.

Product Feature:

Green Laser Marking Machine has a humanized operation process, which is very easy to operate. The dedicated control software is compatible with AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, Photoshop and other software output. It can automatically arrange and modify text symbols, graphic images, barcodes, QR codes, serial numbers, etc.

Product Description:

This Green Laser Marking Machine has international advanced technology and longer service life. In addition, it is a green laser beam pumped by a high-power multi-mode laser diode. Then, the computer automatically controls the deflection of the high-speed scanning galvanometer to realize automatic cutting. Appropriate output wavelength can reduce the thermal impact on the workpiece. This high-precision Laser Marking Machine has excellent marking effect, and the processing is fine and repeatable. More importantly, this high precision and precision can ensure perfect marking results. Compared with ordinary machines on the market, our green laser marking machine has a wide range of applications and is more suitable for processing materials with high thermal radiation response.


The Green Laser Marking Machine can engrave flat or three-dimensional patterns in transparent materials such as crystal and glass, such as 2D / 3D portraits, personal names, footprints, and trophies, as well as mass production of 2D / 3D models of plants, plants, cars, etc.

It can be used in ceramics, metals, electronics, plastics, and other products.

It is classified as cold light and is also suitable for certain products with a high thermal response and high precision.

Laser Frequency


Average Working speed

180000 dots/min

Laser pump

Semiconductor Diode

Laser wavelength


Max. Pulse energy

1. 2mj

Laser power


Q mode

Acoustic-optic Q

Pulse width


Beam quality


Laser head




Focal length


Focus diameter



Air cooling



Power supply

AC220V or AC110V+/-10%


Green Laser Marking Machine

Our 30W Fiber Laser Marker with Auto Foucus integrate beautiful appearance, scientific manufacturing technology and high cost performance. We have sufficient experience in producing products according to samples or drawings. If you are looking for Good Quality at a good price and timely delivery.
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