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150W CNC Wood /Acrylic MDF Plastic CO2 Laser Cutting/ Printing /Cutter/Engraver/ Engraving /Machine

150W CNC Wood /Acrylic MDF Plastic CO2 Laser Cutting/ Printing /Cutter/Engraver/ Engraving /Machine
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Product Details

From raw materials to finished products, we manufacture our Desktop Laser Marking Machine, Fabric Laser Engraving Machine, Small Laser Engraving Machine with advanced production capacity, and you can buy and use it with confidence. With well educated, innovative and energetic staff, we are responsible for all elements of research, design, manufacture, sale and distribution. Anytime anywhere we are still here to be your partner.

Product Feature:

Due to the microcomputer-controlled laser machine operation, it realized a simple process and easy operation.

There are two sets of high-power laser generation systems in order to have a better choice. 

According to the graphics designed in the computer, the shoe material can be processed in batches at the same time, and the full-face cutting and punching processing can be performed separately. It adopts double-headed mutual shift-type electronically controlled moving structure, which can conveniently set the distance between two laser heads according to the format of the cut fabric, which greatly saves the fabric. 

Product Description:

This acrylic laser cutting machine is equipped with a patent design, which realizes the function of high-speed operation. In addition, it has the advantage of automatic origin setting function, standard industrial interface, powerful function, and stable performance. In a broad sense, the power of the laser tube determines the thickness of the processed material. When cutting plexiglass, the speed and light intensity matches well. Compared with the ordinary machine on the market, our acrylic laser cutting machine uses the most advanced DSP controllers at present, and the mechanical system performance is excellent.

 Adopting the three-way reflection system and the linear guide rail structure, it makes the light knife run smoothly and the engraving/cutting precision is high. And it plays an important role in acrylic signs, plexiglass trophies, luminous characters, crystal characters, plexiglass display stands, transparent cases, packaging boxes and so on.

Laser power


Cutting area


Repeated positioning accuracy


Cutting speed


Working voltage


Total power


Working temperature


Working humidity


Min character

1x1mm in English

Graphic formats


Driving system


Cooling way

Forced    water-cooling and protection system



Acrylic Laser Cutting Machine

As a result of our own efforts and the help and support of our customers, our 150W CNC Wood /Acrylic MDF Plastic CO2 Laser Cutting/ Printing /Cutter/Engraver/ Engraving /Machine has gained a good reputation in the marketplace. Our mission is to make every product exceed your expectations, and every service has a greater improvement, and on this basis, our company will develop steadily and grow stronger. Our company takes strong technical force and high-quality products as the principle of unremitting progress.


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