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What Is The Reason Why The Laser Engraving Machine Cleans The Bottom Unevenness? How To Solve It?

Dec 25, 2018

The application of laser engraving machine is very extensive, especially in the craft gift industry favored by customers, many customers rely on the laser engraving machine to make the first pot of gold, made a fortune. However, machines are also like people. With the increase in the use of time, the wear of parts, etc., the machine will have a variety of problems. The same is true of laser engraving machines, which may appear to sweep the bottom inequality. So, what are the specific reasons that cause the engraving machine to clean the bottom of the uneven phenomenon? How can I solve it myself? Xiaobian arranges the following information for your reference today.

Cleaning the bottom of the laser engraving machine is not one of the common faults. It shows that there are obvious protrusions at the bottom of the sweeping, and there are obvious irregularities in the horizontal and vertical intersections during the negative carving; in the case of Yang Dao, there are between the words and the non-words. Obviously protruding lines, the deeper the sweep, the more obvious the phenomenon.

The cause of the failure of cleaning is as follows:

1, the processing speed is too fast, laser tube response speed cannot keep up.

2. Insufficient blowing flow causes adhesion of the processing powder to form horizontal protrusions.

3, Optical path deviation or focal length is wrong, resulting in the scattered light beam, causing the bottom of the uneven.

4, The choice of focusing lens is not reasonable, should try to choose short focal length lens, improve beam quality.

5, Laser power supply instability.

Sweep up and remove the solution as follows:

1, First check the light path to ensure that the optical path is correct.

2. Reduce processing speed.

3. Adjust the amount of blowing gas, to ensure that no powder adhesion.

4. Use short-focus lenses. Focus adjustment should take into account the depth of processing.

5. Replace the laser power test.