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What Are The Main Parameters Of The Laser Welding Machine?

Sep 12, 2018

There are more and more laser welding machine manufacturers, how to choose the right laser welding machine, laser laser for you to explain in detail how to buy laser welding machine:

1, performance selection

The choice of laser welder performance, such as optical characteristics and control characteristics. Optical characteristics mainly include spot size, focal plane height, depth of field, spot position, and spot incidence angle. The control characteristics are the feedback control mode and the selection of the power waveform. The optical characteristics of the laser welding machine can be determined at the time of proofing, and the user can intuitively determine the welding effect when initially testing the product.

2. After sales service

Choose a laser welding machine, try to choose a brand with high market share, sound after-sales service system, after-sales service outlets and long-term market inspection. The equipment is connected to the warranty phone, and the manufacturer can send technical engineers on-site service within 24 hours. It is not only because of the low price, but also the purchase of laser welding machine products with inferior quality and no after-sales service, which will have a huge impact on the company's production.

3, combined with the actual

Due to the power and laser types of various laser welding machines on the market, the scope of application of materials is not the same. Improve the utilization of equipment and properly meet your own needs. Therefore, it is necessary to fully consider which types of laser welding machines are available for production of their products, and select laser welding machine equipment that meets actual needs according to the actual situation.

4, quality assurance

Quality and stability of use are also important metrics for purchasing laser welding machines. Now the product development cycle is short, the update is getting faster and faster, the product variety, prototype trial production, mass production is more, how to complete customer orders with quality and quantity, maintain corporate reputation, enhance corporate competitiveness is also placed in each The difficult task in front of a business operator, the purchase of stable processing equipment is the premise and foundation.