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What Are The Laser Engraving Machines?

Aug 04, 2017

1. Ad decoration: plexiglass products carving, medals, plaque laser production, two-color plate laser engraving, other non-metallic sheet carving.

2. Printing and packaging: rubber version of laser engraving, printing roller laser engraving, paper products laser cutting.

3. Leather clothing: leather and surface pattern carving, clothing fabric pattern cutting.

4. Model production: model plate cutting.

5. Automotive industry: tire mold lights molds and decorations die processing

6. Wood: used for relief design and production.

Craft gift bamboo carving laser engraving, wood engraving laser engraving, mahogany laser engraving, two-color plate laser engraving, box-shaped crafts carving, ceramic laser engraving.