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Unleashed US Military Laser Non-lethal Weapon

Jun 27, 2018

As the latest "non-lethal weapon" introduced by the US military, the "active avoidance system" of the vehicle can convert electric energy into high-frequency electromagnetic waves that can not be seen by the human eye, penetrate people's skin unknowingly, and let the attackers feeling uncomfortable, and forced to instinctively escape. "Active avoidance system" range of 1000 meters, than the US military currently has any kind of non-lethal weapons are far more than 17 times the range.

Riot guns

An anti-riot gun is a pistol-like weapon that can release a high-voltage electric shock to the person so that the target is incapacitated. The latest riot guns use the new technology, it is not just simply interfere with the connection between the brain and muscle, but through the current signal directly caused by muscle contraction, until the target lying on the ground, a strong electromagnetic pulse can penetrate thick up to 5 cm of clothing, a range of up to 6.3 meters.

Laser - induced plasma barrier

This thing can not touch the touch, but it can effectively play the role of obstacles, only specific, authorized people can pass. Yes, you can call it "wall". The intruder will withstand up to 10,000 volts of electric shock, although it will not be electrocuted, but also enough to scream. In addition to military weapons, the next step is likely to be put into civilian.

"Shine" blinding guns

US arms research and development department launched a new blinding gun "shine". And "glory" is different, "shine" is a strange shape to rifle, by firing the laser so that the other temporary blind, the human body will not suffer any permanent damage.

Unleashed US military laser non-lethal weapon