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Analysis On The Technology Of Laser Engraving Glass Products

Jun 27, 2018

Inner carving is a laser machine to a certain wavelength of the laser into the glass or crystal inside, so that the specific parts of the internal parts of the tiny burst of bubbles, thus sketching a preset shape of a processing technology, also refers to the process Processed handicrafts.

Crystal laser engraving inner carving principle

These glass, crystal crafts are computer-controlled laser engraving machine made of. In fact, most of the crafts are usually not really crystal, but artificial crystal. "Laser" is the artificial crystal (also known as "crystal glass") "Inner carving" the most useful tool. Using laser engraving technology, the plane or three-dimensional pattern "carved" in the crystal glass inside.

Carving is an ancient art, the general carving process are engraved from the outside, from the material outside the carved the desired shape, and the laser can be the same as the Sun Wukong "deep hinterland" to display their hands and feet. A closer look, these glass, crystal products around the whole is not for the "knife" out of the opening, on this point, the laser than the Sun Wukong even clever, Sun Wukong to the people in the stomach when drilling have a gap caixing it! Laser engraving principle is actually very simple. Laser energy to be able to carve the glass, its energy density must be greater than the glass to break a certain critical value, or the threshold, and the laser at some point in the energy density and its spot in the spot size, the same laser, the smaller the spot the greater the energy density generated by the place. In this way, by appropriately focusing, the energy density of the laser can be lower than the glass breakage threshold before entering the glass and reaching the processing area, and beyond the critical value in the desired area, the laser generates pulses in a very short time, its energy can rupture the crystal in an instant, resulting in a very small white spot, carving a predetermined shape inside the glass, and the remainder of the glass or crystal remains intact. In fact, this is the laser inner carving assisted imaging technology. With the development of technology, color inner carving is also expected to achieve.

Carved in the interior of the crystal

Color crystal inner carving

Crystal glass engraving works become more rich in color is inevitable. The use of crystal glass crafts of the carving part of the light has a strong reflection, refraction, and the blank part of the light has a better permeability of the optical principle, by the micro-control circuit in accordance with the principle of three primary colors palette, respectively, control a few Kind of color lights, in the "Inner carving" image on the mix, change a variety of brilliant colors, so that the original white carved image showing a colorful, dazzling effect.

Carved in the interior of the crystal