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The Maximum Watt Laser Cutter Is Available

Jul 29, 2017

It is reported that "lightning 4.0" one minute can cut 2 cm thick stainless steel plate 1.2 meters, the maximum cutting thickness of 4 cm.It not only shows the great improvement of metal cutting ability, but also the great improvement of machine tool efficiency, and its speed power ratio is greatly improved.Its applications can be extended to nuclear power, ships, high-speed rail, aerospace, petrochemical and other fields.Next, the domestic enterprises in the purchase of all levels of laser cutting machine, don't have to rely on imports, "4.0" lightning will go abroad, towards the international market, is expected in the second half of this year, in the United States, Australia and other places of installed and running.

Laser cutting machine in order to apply to industrial application, faced four major technical problems in a light source technology, not only has to produce a stable output of laser, and would like to the higher laser power coupling to the optical fibre diameter of 0.1 mm;The second is the laser cutting head technology, the inside of the conductive lens must withstand high energy penetration, and requires good air tightness and special high pressure nozzle;Three is machine tool's dynamic performance and thermal management technology, the design of high dynamic machine tool and the latest SM4.0 control software development makes it meet the above requirements, at the same time to take steps to manage the machine heat absorption, heat conduction and heat penetration, maintain the stability of the machine precision and service life;The four is the study of the process parameters of laser cutting, to select the best parameters, to ensure the maximum cutting ability, the best section quality and the fastest cutting speed.