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The Main Problems And Development Ideas Of Laser Technology

May 18, 2017

1. High-end laser processing equipment and supporting technology for professional fields can not meet the needs of the industry

With the technological transformation of manufacturing enterprises in China increased, in recent years, CNC laser cutting, welding equipment market is very active, the annual demand can reach more than 1,000. But the lack of domestic market to meet the needs of the industry in the domestic high-end laser equipment products, while supporting services with foreign products, the matching technology also failed to meet customer needs, such as WISCO cold rolling production line imports more than 10 sets of German laser welding, Scar large equipment, supporting the laser equipment technology and laser welding process can not meet the large-scale production of Wuhan Iron and Steel non-stop production requirements. In the Dongfeng, tricyclic forging and other industries supporting the industry leader, there are similar problems.

2. The chain of cooperation between the various links is not enough

Some of the core technologies in the development of the laser industry, such as the control software required for laser equipment, the special fiber necessary for the production of fiber lasers, etc., have been difficult to obtain due to the lack of technical cooperation between CNC-related enterprises and optoelectronic related enterprises Breakthrough, restricting the laser industry to enhance the core competitiveness. At the same time, in the manufacturing and service industries to accelerate the integration of the development environment, the province's laser industry needs to broaden the thinking, increase with the modern service industry, cultural and creative industries integration. Although the unity of laser, Chutian laser has been carried out in this regard a useful attempt, but this is not limited to the existing market and products, take the initiative to seek the idea of integration and integration has not yet become the industry consensus.