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Description Of Various Functions Of The Laser Marking Machine

Aug 17, 2018

   The basic use of the laser marking machine's pulse, frequency, speed, power and other functions, the speed of the laser marking machine: the speed of the vibrating mirror, the speed that can be adjusted by the parameters, not the speed produced by a product. Because marking a product is not only influenced by parameters but also affected by the depth and amplitude area of marking. The function of marking speed is that the faster the speed is under other fixed conditions, the faster the marking is. And the faster the speed of marking, the less the number of laser strikes in the same place, the need to play deep words need slow speed, but the slower the better, the better, the misunderstanding. If the marking speed is too slow, the marking object will be stacked on the surface of the marking material, which will affect the laser depth. So deep down, you can first use the low speed and several times, and then scan it at high speed.

    The power of the laser marking machine: the power of the laser marking can be adjusted by the percent of the parameters. The general parameters are the default 50%. The greater the power of the adjustment, the greater the output laser energy, the simpler the marking depth is. But the output power is decided according to its own material, not the greater the power the better, as long as it can meet their own requirements, and a machine long time and high load work, the damage to the laser is very large.

    The frequency of laser marking machine: the frequency of marking in the laser marking machine is the number of pulses in unit time. If the marking frequency is large, then the laser point is dense, the frequency is small, and the laser point is sparse. Of course, we can't feel it with the naked eye. We should put the parking place under the electron microscope and magnify to see it. The time we see directly seems to be a straight line. In fact, it is not, the more than two or three points are made up, the greater the frequency of the marking, the denser the laser points, the place where the marking will be. The smoother.