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The Influence Factors Of Laser Cutting

Jun 27, 2018

In laser cutting processing, laser collimation of laser by cutting head and the focusing lens up to a point (focus), operators need to ensure that the processing of laser beam in the nozzle is the center, and adjust the nozzle spacing distance on the surface of the plate (depending on the thickness), the nozzle jet high pressure gas, and the laser beam to cooperate to complete cutting operation.

laser cutting machine

The main influencing factors are the following aspects:

(1)Focus diameter

Small diameter, narrow incision, small cutting thickness;

Large diameter, wide incision, large cutting thickness.

(2)Focus  on location

The size and shape of the surface of the workpiece were determined.

The best position depends on the type and thickness of the material.


The thickness of the cutting plate is affected;

Influence on machining efficiency and deformation.

(4) Cutting speed

Need to match with power, gas flow and so on, too small can cause cut or burrs

(5)Diameter of nozzle

Small diameter suitable for thin plate cutting;

Large diameter, suitable for thick plate cutting.


The purity of the gas affects the formation of the hair and the oxidation of the cutting surface; Gas flow, the thinner the plate, the greater the air pressure.

(7)Beam mode

The power of the laser below 1500w is single mode, and the power of above 1500W is multimode. The single mode is good in thin plate cutting, the multi-mode light spot is larger, the energy distribution is uniform, it is suitable for cutting the thick plate.