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The Importance Of Laser In The Automobile Industry

May 18, 2017

The diameter of the laser beam irradiated on the surface of the material is 0.2-0.6mm and the width of the weld is below 2mm. Laser welding of the weld metal by rapid solidification, the grain is more small, can get a higher strength. Laser welding can increase the rigidity of the body by 30%. Roof and side of the laser welding, compared to the traditional spot welding process, the roof less two rubber seals, to improve the visual effects of the body. Body accuracy control on the "one millimeter project" (white body vehicle size control accuracy within ± 1mm), because the laser welding has become a reality.

Laser welding accelerates the use of stamping parts instead of forged parts. The use of laser welding to replace the discrete spot welds with continuous laser welds can reduce the overlap width and some reinforcement components that can compress the volume of the body structure itself. As a result, the body weight can be reduced by 56 kg. Laser welding applications, to achieve a reduction in weight loss, fit the requirements of environmental protection in today's era.