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The Development And Future Development Trend Of Laser Cutting Machine

Jun 05, 2020

As an advanced sheet metal processing technology and method, laser cutting machine is rapidly and widely adopted in various industries of industrial machinery due to its significant advantages such as high efficiency, high precision, and high flexibility, and it has also attracted more and more industry applications. Some people may ask, after more than 40 years of continuous development, the laser cutting machine has matured, so how will it develop in the future? What is its development trend? In the context of China's efforts to realize the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing, the above two issues are particularly worth discussing. There is a proverb in the West called "The future is determined by the past". This statement provides us with a key to unlock the future of laser cutting machines. That is to say, if we want to grasp the future development trend of laser cutting machines, we can start with an insight into the current status of laser cutting machines.

Regarding the current status of laser cutting machines, in order to facilitate insight into the current status of laser cutting machines, we may wish to summarize and analyze from the following aspects.

Since the birth of a high-power fiber laser cutting machine in 2008, a laser cutting machine light source revolution has begun. Now that 12 years have passed, the high-power CO2 laser cutting machine has fallen into the abyss of severe decline. The epoch-making fiber laser cutting machine has occupied the global laser cutting machine stage with its higher cutting efficiency, lower operating cost, and wider cutting range. In the very center.

Since the currentCO2 laser cutting machine is marginalized in all aspects of production and sales, the laser cutting machines we are talking about here are all-fiber laser cutting machines. In recent years, 300-1000W medium and low power fiber laser cutting machines, 1000 ~ 3000W high-power fiber laser cutting machine, high-power fiber laser cutting machine above 3000W, because of their different cutting capabilities, have achieved rapid development in their respective fields, can be described as going hand in hand, fully blossoming results. This is also the best proof of the era of fiber laser cutting machines. The degree of automation of the laser cutting machine has been significantly improved.

Is the laser cutting machine just a piece of sheet metal precision cutting equipment? Yes, and certainly not all. In the first two decades since the birth of the laser cutting machine, it has traversed a relatively long road to product stability. During and after this process, laser cutting machines have developed towards application specialization, such as template laser cutting machines, laser cutting machines, laser tube cutting machines, flatbed laser cutting machines, robotic 3D laser cutting machines, 3D five-axis laser cutting Machines and other products have been introduced one after another, and they have been developed products until now. But at the same time, it should not be overlooked that the laser cutting machine is striding forward in the direction of automation. For a laser cutting machine, the auxiliary units such as automatic loading, automatic unloading, automatic slag discharge, and automatic picking can effectively reduce labor intensity, reduce the number of labor, shorten the standby time, and even realize unattended operation. Laser cutting operations, thereby comprehensively improving the application rate of laser cutting machines.