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The Characteristics Of The Laser

Jun 27, 2018

High brightness, high directivity, high monochrome and high coherence are four characteristics of the laser.  

(1) High brightness of the laser: the brightness of the solid-state laser can be higher 1011W / cn2Sr.The Not only that, with a high brightness of the laser beam through the lens after focusing, can produce thousands of degrees near the focus or even million degrees of high temperature, which makes it possible to process almost all of the material.

(2) The high direction of the laser: the high direction of the laser so that it can effectively pass a longer distance at the same time, but also to ensure that the focus of a very high power density, these two are important conditions for laser processing.  

(3) High monochromaticity of the laser: Since the monochromatic nature of the laser is extremely high, it ensures that the beam can focus precisely on the focus and achieve a high power density.  

(4) The high coherence of the laser: Coherence mainly describes the phase relationship of the various parts of the light. 

It is the laser with the singularity as described above, so it is widely used in the fields of life, industrial processing, military, scientific research and so on.