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Talking About One Of China's Leading Technologies In The World: Laser Technology

Sep 14, 2018

The laser was a new source of light in the 1960s. Lasers are widely used because of their good directionality, high brightness, and good monochromaticity. Laser processing is one of the most promising areas of laser applications, and more than 20 laser processing technologies have been developed. Lasers are widely used because of their characteristics. The laser is almost a monochromatic light wave with a very narrow frequency range and high energy concentration in a narrow direction. Therefore, various materials can be punched by the focused laser beam. The laser has the above characteristics, not because it has different light energy than other light, but because its power density is very high, which is why laser is widely used. The laser has the following three characteristics:Monochromatic wavelength、Coherence、Parallel beam. Today, I mainly take a look at the application of Aurora in these major areas.


Military field: mainly for the application of laser weapons. A laser weapon is a directed energy weapon that uses a powerful directed laser beam to directly damage or invalidate a target. It is a high-tech new concept weapon that uses the enormous energy carried by high-intensity laser beams to destroy or kill targets such as enemy aircraft, missiles, satellites, and personnel. Strong laser weapons have unparalleled advantages over other weapons. Strong laser weapons have the advantages of high speed, high precision, long interception distance, rapid fire transfer, no external electromagnetic interference, and strong combat capability. China has many world-class laser weapons. If China is behind the United States in terms of traditional missile technology, this is undeniable, but in the military technology of emerging lasers, our research is in the world's leading position. A Chinese scientist said that the future air war is the laser era, the space laser era. It is said that the cost is lower than other weapons.


Industrial manufacturing: specific performance of laser processing technology, laser rapid prototyping, laser cutting, YAG solid laser cutting machine, CO2 laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine, laser welding, laser engraving, laser drilling, laser etching, etc. The time control and space control of the laser are very good, the speed is fast, the manufactured products are accurate and exquisite, the processing time and the processing cost are greatly reduced, and the broad prospects for high-quality, high-efficiency and low-cost processing and production are opened. Widely used in aerospace, electronics, automotive and other industrial fields. Due to its sophistication, it is especially popular in the microelectronics industry. The laser etching technology is simpler than the conventional chemical etching technology, can greatly reduce the production cost, and can process 0.125~1 micrometer wide lines, which is very suitable for the manufacture of very large scale integrated circuits.

Medical field: The focus is on laser surgery. Laser surgery refers to the use of carbon dioxide light-emitting tubes to emit high-power light to act on pathological tissues, which can cause inflammation to damage tumors, and low power can be used to beautify the skin. Excimer laser corneal surface ablation, excimer laser in situ keratomileuses, excimer laser epithelial in situ keratomileuses. Safety is the focus of public attention and still wear glasses. It should be pointed out that from the perspectives of safety, simplicity, economy, and practicality, the ophthalmology community believes that for most people, the preferred method for correcting myopia is still wearing frame glasses. If the patient is prepared to choose excimer laser surgery, then the most concerned issue is surgical safety. Objectively speaking, the safety of current excimer laser surgery is relatively high. Compared with the first radial keratotomy of myopia using diamond knives, its safety has undergone a qualitative leap. After more than 10 years of clinical practice, Practice has fully proved this point. It can be said that laser treatment of myopia surgery has been relatively mature in China.

Energy sector: Lasers can also be used in nuclear power generation. The nuclear fuel used in nuclear power plants built in the world is uranium, and research on the use of thorium nuclear fuel has not been successful. From the research, helium nuclear fuel is more resistant to burning than uranium nuclear fuel, and 1 kilogram of helium nuclear fuel burns more than three times more energy than uranium nuclear fuel. More attractive is a large amount of nuclear fuel stored on the earth. 1 kilogram of seawater contains 0.03 grams of plutonium and the ocean in the earth contains 1021 kilograms of seawater; or, the earth's ocean contains 1017 kilograms of plutonium, and developing it for fuel is equivalent to giving us 10 Trillion (1017) tons of coal, enough.