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The Research Of Silicon - Based Nanometer Laser And Optical Amplifier Has Made Great Breakthrough

Jul 25, 2017

The laser and optical amplifiers on the nanometer scale are the core components of optoelectronic integration on future chips, which are crucial to the future supercomputers and information science and technology such as "data center".As these nanoscale devices to act on the silicon substrate, will lead the glazing interconnection of revolutionary development, is becoming the international academic circles in recent decades, science and technology industry one of the common focus of attention.


Developed a growing up in a new type of single crystal silicon substrate erbium compound nanowires, accurate measuring the intrinsic absorption coefficient of materials, finally get as high as 100 db/cm optical net profit, far higher than other reports containing erbium material value, the results of the study on the material of the micro-nano structure basic physical properties and device applications research has important significance,A new idea is provided for future silicon photoelectric integration.