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SD Laser With The Acceptance Of The South Korean Olympic Committee

Oct 30, 2017

The 2018 winter Olympics will be held in pyeongchang, South Korea, and pyeongchang will be the largest and most numerous winter Olympics in history.Have 12 games, including seven snow projects and five projects on the ice field, coarse divided into pyeongchang mountains venue of community and jiangling coastal venues, the distance between the field within 30 minutes.More than 6,500 people in more than 100 countries are expected to gather in pyeongchang.


In September 2017, in Seoul, South Korea, 2018 officially revealed pyeongchang winter Olympics medal design, the design emphasizes the beauty of "South Korea" pyeongchang winter Olympics medal highlights the rich elements of South Korea, the obverse left by the Olympic rings logo, filled with vibrant diagonal lines around the spirit "Olympic athletes sweat and patience".There are Olympic logos and specific project names on the back.The side is surrounded by Korean and vowel sound of Korean "pingchang winter Olympics 2018", highlighting the stereoscopic feeling.In addition, the medal is dominated by blue and pink, with the silk fabrics of Korean traditional clothing, and the design of snowflake design and embroidery with Korean characters.


During the winter Olympics, the south Korean Olympic committee first introduced the laser to the international Olympic Games, and awarded the prize, country and name to the winners of the MEDALS.

In October 2017, South Korea (bocog) technical department came to SD laser intelligent technology on-site proofing test, specification, the requirements of the international Olympic committee (ioc) : give priority to with round, at least 60 mm in diameter, the thickness of at least 3 mm.The medal diameter of pyeongchang winter games is 92.5mm, the convex surface is 9.42mm thick, the concave thickness of 4.4mm, the difficulty of laser processing lies in the reflection of the large arc and the medal.

In the past, the south Korean Olympic committee has repeatedly sought the settlement process in China and South Korea, and more than 20 laser companies have carried out 3,000 experiments. None of them have achieved the desired results.SD laser redesign three axis rotation marking and adjust the laser wavelengths and other technical means, has solved the big cambered surface marking and overcome precious metals reflection of laser marking effect is clear, faster than South Korea's Olympic organizing committee, successful completion of the acceptance of South Korea's Olympic organizing committee, and gain high praise of South Korea's Olympic organizing committee, Korean people call it "the most perfect laser".


The Olympic partner, China Only have Alibaba, South Korea, including local companies such as samsung, LG, SK international companies have MOEGA, McDonald's, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, VISA and other international well-known brands.

SD laser has always insisted on establishing an international brand and the product concept of well-known enterprises."Let the world fell in love with made in China" is an ideal of SD laser people.In the winter Olympics,SD laser expected to become the second Chinese strategic partners, SD laser chairman YanJingChuan said: "sports are a journey of seeking for breakthrough self.Olympic Games is the world's most influential sports event, it is not only to spur the athletes breakthrough self, the pursuit of glory, also held in different countries and thousands of sports fans heart tightly together, radium ze admire every Olympic athletes and sports fans will never stop the Olympic spirit, the pursuit of excellence, our jersey radium is never give up with the Olympic spirit to overcome the technical difficulties, won the favor."

In China, SD laser has been basically set up, this time the Olympics is a laser jersey real abroad milestone, output technology IN CHINA, sets up the Chinese brands, SD laser will plug IN the wings of the Olympic Games, took to the stage of international laser, let the world is MADE IN CHINA!