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Present Situation And Application Of Laser Marking Processing

May 18, 2017

1, the scope of processing materials more widely, can be a variety of non-metallic and metallic materials for marking processing, especially for brittle materials, high melting point materials, high hardness materials, etc., the traditional marking machine Only certain non-metallic materials can be processed.

2, laser marking processing technology is different from the old old marking machine, must be processed to the surface of the object to be processed marking, and after laser technology into the innovation, laser marking only need to laser on the surface of the object being processed Concentrated high-energy irradiation can be completed marking, this non-direct contact with the processing will not only damage the surface of the workpiece, no cutting force, marking the pattern, symbols, text and other quality is very high.

3, the characteristics of laser high energy density of the laser beam is very thin, making the impact of processing objects is very small, is conducive to reducing the loss of raw materials.

4, and modern automation, computer systems and effective combination, in order to achieve the purpose of rapid processing.

5, can be engraved mark a variety of code, numbers, patterns, characters and so on.

6, for the clothing industry, light industry, metal products, such as anti-counterfeit labels.