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Power Parameters Of Laser Welding Machine

Jun 27, 2018

Laser welding machine is a kind of machine used in the welding field. It is one of the important aspects of laser material processing technology. According to its working method, laser welding machine, laser welding machine, laser spot welding machine, Fiber laser welding machine, etc., then the laser welding machine power parameters is what?

1, the average laser power: the actual output of the laser power, about equal to the average input power of 2-3%.

2, the pulse width: the time of a single pulse.

3, laser pulse energy: refers to the output of a single pulse of energy. By the storage capacitor capacity, voltage and xenon lamp decision. This is an important indicator, when spot welding, the stability of the single point of energy on the quality of laser welding machine a great impact.

4, the laser peak power: the actual light in the light when the instantaneous power. , The laser peak power is equal to the average power divided by the duty cycle. Usually several kilowatts in the order of magnitude.

5, the pulse frequency: the number of times the laser pulse repetition every second.