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Photo Laser Engraving And Processing Technique

Jun 27, 2018

Laser processing make laser engraving processing is simpler, photo will be automatically through complex processing and laser processing in the form of optimization for operation, using this feature, you can easily implement high quality photos of the laser engraving effect without additional professional image processing skills.

Photo laser engraving and processing technique

Usually, laser engraving photo set when laser power is too high and the resolution is too high to make the details of the stereo sense is too weak to show pictures, because of the pixel overlapping, if possible, when photos only slightly in the material surface engraving, the general principle is photo engraving laser power used 10% less than ordinary carving processing, in order to find the best laser processing parameters, we can carved a version of the gray level matrix.

Photo laser engraving and processing technique

The setting of laser processing resolution is the key factor affecting the effect of laser engraving on different materials.For example, the laser processing of anodized aluminum materials generally sets the resolution of 600-1000 dpi, because the actual pixels of the material in the laser processing will not be larger.But for wood and glass, the 333 dpi resolution is sufficient, since each pixel will be more visible in the process of laser processing than in the graphics.

For acrylic and multi-layer plastic sheet 500-600 dpi, the resolution is appropriate.In general, lower resolution (333-500 dpi) is more often used in photo laser engraving on plastic surfaces because these pixels do not overlap.