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Note The Laser Welding Machine

Jun 27, 2018

1, engineering control engineering control refers to the laser or laser processing system in the structure of the security measures taken, including protective cover - to prevent the staff to accept more than the maximum allowable exposure; security chain - refers to the protective cover Connected to an automatic device that avoids radiation when the shield is removed; a safety light path - to close the optical path that may cause burning or secondary radiation; a key switch - refers to the laser when the key is removed; Termination - In order for the laser beam to not go beyond the controlled work area, a beam stop or attenuator may be used.

2, personal protection mainly refers to wearing a fire-resistant, heat-resistant laser protective clothing, wear can selectively attenuate the laser wavelength of a particular laser protection glasses, wear laser lanterns for driving recorder UV laser source, wear to avoid Direct or scattering of laser damage caused by laser protection gloves.