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Working Principle Of Metal Laser Cutting Machine

Jun 27, 2018

The laser metal cutting process also adds auxiliary gas suitable for the material to be cut. Steel is cut with oxygen as the auxiliary gas and molten metal to produce exothermic chemical reaction oxidation material while helping to blow the slag within the slag. Cutting polypropylene A class of plastic using compressed air, cotton, paper and other flammable materials cut using an inert gas. The auxiliary gas entering the nozzle also cools the focusing lens to prevent dust from entering the lens holder and contaminate the lens and cause the lens to overheat.

Other applications of the laser cutting machine:

many metal materials, no matter what hardness they have, can be shaped without deformation cutting (currently using the most advanced metal laser cutting machine can cut the thickness of industrial steel can be Close to 20mm). Of course, for high reflectivity materials such as gold, silver, copper and aluminum alloys, they are also good heat transfer conductors, so laser cutting is difficult and can not even be cut (some hard cut materials can be cut using pulsed laser beams, Due to the high pulse peak power, will make the material on the beam absorption coefficient instantaneous sharp increase).