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Latest Progress Of High Power Single Mode Fiber Laser

Jul 27, 2017

In high-power fiber lasers, single-mode systems have satisfactory characteristics: they have high brightness, can focus to a few microns to the highest strength. They also have the largest depth of focus, which makes them ideal for remote machining. However, they are difficult to manufacture, only the market leading US IPG Photonics company can provide a single-mode 10kW power system.


A German research team has demonstrated a 4.3kW single-mode output of fiber lasers whose output is limited only by the input pump power.The discovery, there are several breakthroughs:First,The effect of suppressing the laser lift of single mode fiber.Transverse mode instability,Test for new fiber for kilowatt-class power.


Measuring all aspects of high-power fiber lasers is a major task that requires specialized equipment for a number of different tasks. For the complete characterization of the fiber, the doping concentration, the refractive index profile and the fiber core attenuation were determined. For example, measuring the core loss for different bend diameters is valuable for correlating with the TMI threshold.


Single-mode fiber lasers and femtosecond fiber amplifier upgrade, will require a lot of additional research work. This effort will be supported by a new building next to FraunhoferIOF. The new Fiber Technology Center was completed in 2016 and has a dedicated laboratory for manufacturing and characterizing active fiber, passive fiber and nanostructured fiber. A separate drawing tower for the manufacture of special fibers will also be installed.