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Advantages Of Laser Welding Processing Methods

Aug 13, 2018

1. Non-contact processing, no need to pressurize the workpiece and perform surface treatment.

2. Small solder joints, high energy density, suitable for high speed processing.

3. Short-time welding, not only has no thermal impact on the outside world, but also has small deformation and impact area of the material itself, especially suitable for processing high melting point, high hardness, special materials.

4. No need to fill metal, no vacuum environment can be performed directly in the air, no danger of x-ray generation in the air like electron beam.

5. Compared with the contact welding process, no electrode, tools and other wear. 6. No processing noise, no pollution to the environment. 7. Small workpieces can also be machined. In addition, they can also be welded through the walls of transparent materials.

8. Can achieve long-distance, difficult to reach the common method through the optical fiber, multi-channel welding at the same time or time.

9. It is easy to output focal length and spot position of the laser by this table.

10. The conductor with insulation layer can be welded directly, and the dissimilar metals with short performance can also be welded.