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How To Choose A Laser Welding Machine Suitable For Your Own Product

Aug 11, 2018

With the development of the laser industry, the laser welding machine products on the market are not only different in brand and quality, but also on how to choose a suitable laser welding machine for their own products. The Leize laser has summed up three points.

The first point is to see that the product is suitable for manual welding and automatic welding.

Laser welding belongs to the precise welding in two aspects, one is that the precision of the product has a good effect, and the two refers to the high requirements for the weld of the welded product. If the weld is more than 15 wires, the welding wire must be filled and the welding machine can only be used. On the other hand, the weld is less than 15 wires, and there will be no gap. No gap can be achieved. Best, because laser welding is achieved by self-fusion of samples.

Second point: see whether the product is suitable for welding with laser welding machine.

When we choose the laser welding machine, we should consider our products suitable for the use of laser welding machine for welding. If we do not know whether it is suitable, we can consider the depth of welding by laser welding machine. For example, if the depth of the product is between 2.5mm-3mm and the depth of the laser welding machine is over 3mm, it will not be suitable.

Third point: we should consider the power of laser welding machine.

If you require welding depth of 0.5mm, then 200W laser welding machine will do. It is important to note that if it is penetration welding, spot welding, 200W is sufficient; if continuous welding, the best use of laser power a little larger, because the 200W laser welding machine is the deepest welding 0.8mm; if continuous welding, if the depth of welding is about 0.5mm, then the best choice of 250W or 300W laser welder is more appropriate. By analogy, the deeper the welding depth is, the greater the power of laser welding machine is.