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Laser Three - Dimensional Carving Into The Future Development Trend

Jun 27, 2018

At present, with the laser engraving equipment in the application of technology, technology development and promotion, laser plane marking, carving equipment manufacturing and sales have shown a good upward trend. Domestic companies engaged in laser equipment development, manufacturing, sales, as well as agents of foreign laser equipment companies increased rapidly. Competition is becoming increasingly fierce.

Laser marking, laser welding, laser cutting, laser engraving, laser drilling, laser demonstration, laser plate making machine, laser beauty, laser medical, laser coding, laser heat treatment and so on. They are laser technology and software control technology crystallization products, for the modern industrial civilization has brought vitality.

However, the domestic market of all laser equipment are stuck in the laser plane engraving stage, there is no one company or scientific research units can come up with a laser three-dimensional sculpture system. Some fine three-dimensional mold carving still rely on computer carving, or hand carving. But the machine carving and hand carving have great weaknesses and limitations, restricting the development of some fine craft. There are several domestic laser research institutions in the laser three-dimensional carving machine for research.

In the field of carved, the domestic traditional mechanical carving equipment to do the best is Beijing carved, in the resolution of fine carving molds to win a huge market and success. However, due to the inherent limitations of mechanical knife carving, there are still many high-precision carving can not be achieved. Part of the field, had to use superb handicrafts, hand or repair work. In the laser engraving mold, there are new light source laser, which is mainly the use of strong power laser marking machine sold to the mold manufacturing industry, the current sales situation is good. But because of its carving technology can only carve the plane text and pattern, from the laser three-dimensional sculpture there is a distance, so the current in the field can not show their skills.

Laser three - dimensional carving into the future development trend