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Laser Technology Great Application In The Field Of Cowboy Clothing Manufacturing

Jul 20, 2017

The laser printing device, about a minute or so, will allow you to see the common effects of cat whiskers and monkey on your jeans.Laser engraving can avoid the malpractice of traditional craft, the efficiency is 10 times of traditional craft, still can save water to reduce emission 50% above, processing effect is not inferior to traditional craft.


Cowboy carve patterns or designs on woodwork system USES laser technology, digital processing, can avoid the disadvantages of traditional process, the efficiency is 10 times of traditional process, also can saving water emissions by more than 50%, the processing effect is not inferior to the traditional process.

Cowboy engraving processing is an emerging, have a good machining project of profits and market space, very suitable for cowboy clothing factory, washing plant, processing enterprises and individuals to the cowboy series products such as value-added processing.


Laser engraving machine, choose original import carbon dioxide radio frequency laser, dynamic focusing system.Any pattern can be carved on the denim, form similar washing effect, at the same time, the device can also be compatible with the bitmap, any a JPG picture after a small amount of processing can be used for carving, compared with the traditional process, the equipment has good machining speed, consistency, no pollution, etc.The marking is adjustable.Through the laser irradiation of numerical control, the dye on the surface of the cowboy fabric is vaporized, so as to make the image pattern, gradient flower shape and the cat need frosting and other effects on various jeans fabrics.

The laser printing process provides the design imagination space for the costume designers.What's more, the technology can be applied directly to clothing, which can satisfy the current market demand for clothing.Thus, it can enhance the personal preference for the clothing, the sublimation of taste and the following of the trend of individuality.The garment industry is a traditional industry and big industry. It is an important way to improve the technological content of traditional industrial products.The garment is made by dyeing and printing process, which can be well received and aesthetic.The laser printing technology of the cowboy is combined with the flexible character of the cowboy, and its processing effect is unparalleled.


The washing process is unique to the cowboy clothing, because the needs of the jeans, the monkey, the snow, etc., must be realized through this process.However, the traditional washing process or use of artificial hand cleaning, or a large amount of chemical reagent, the former is inefficient, and the latter inevitably produces waste water.The cowboy laser washing process has become the mainstream technology in Europe.In the streets of Europe, young people wearing laser creative cowboys abound.Famous cowboy clothing experts, wuhan textile university professor chang-hai yi believes that a pair of jeans is high-grade, in addition to the fabrics, design, the most important thing is to look at the wash water, wash water link to produce the added value of even accounted for 40% 50% of the price of a garment.The water washing process determines the market position, and the future cowboy processing enterprises must rely on advanced equipment.

With the increasing attention of the state to environmental protection, the environmental risk of domestic cowboy enterprises is increasing gradually, and the market scale of laser washing products will have great development space.