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Will Laser Surgery Be Followed By Myopia?

Jun 27, 2018

With the development of myopia laser surgery, especially with more advanced full-flying laser technology now, more and more patients with myopia began to pay attention to the operation. But myopia patients still have a lot of worry, such as doing the surgery will again after myopia? What should you pay attention to after surgery? Reporters recently interviewed Jinhua Eye Hospital refractive surgery center director, deputy chief physician Tang Guangcheng.

Tang Guangcheng said that because the operation can only change the current refractive state of the eye, can not change myopia fundus changes, if the degree of myopia before treatment is stable, postoperative attention to protection, the general situation is not bouncing. But because of the need for employment, individual patients in the refractive state has not completely stable surgery on the case yet, after myopia may be developed, so the preoperative detailed understanding of patients with myopia and careful and comprehensive examination is very important. At the same time, the repair process of femtosecond laser treatment is the formation of new forms of cornea, according to the different diopter and age, etc., generally in 3 to 12 months tend to be stable, the treatment effect is long-term effective. However, the postoperative eye with the same normal eyes, but also to develop good habits with the eyes, to avoid excessive fatigue with the eye.

There are also patients asked, after surgery, when vision will be restored? Can achieve vision of 1.0 after surgery?Tang Guangcheng said that the vast majority of patients the next day after surgery can achieve the desired corrected visual acuity, in 1 to 2 days to work. Surgery almost no pain feeling, preoperative doctor will be surface anesthesia, surgery patients only need to cooperate with the surgeon, keep the eyes do not turn, surgery 20 to 30 seconds to complete. There are some people in the course of surgery will have a slight sense of swelling, will feel a blurred vision. Some patients will have early foreign body sensation, tears and other discomfort, these are normal reaction. As long as the postoperative doctor prescribed medication, under normal circumstances, most patients with visual acuity one or two weeks after surgery can be restored to 1.0 or more. But for specific patients, the results of its operation depends on the best corrected visual acuity before surgery, as well as recovery and other factors.

Will laser surgery be followed by myopia?

In addition, preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative patient preparation and cooperation is also an important factor in the success of surgery, patients should note the following:

1.A day before shampoo bath to prevent early postoperative dirty water into the eye.

2. The day before surgery to carry out the necessary point of view training, because the surgical process requires patients to fix the fixed point to match the surgery. Training methods: the body supine, eyes wide open, do not force eyes closed, watching something above or a point lasted for a minute.

3. Relax one night before surgery to ensure adequate sleep.

4. The day of surgery to prohibit make-up, apply perfume.

5. During the procedure, the patient should always maintain the correct surgical supine, chin and head to maintain a balance, eyes wide open, do not force eyes closed, always look at the instrument fixed fixation, can not see or see,do not move any time.

6. After surgery according to the surgical way to wear eyebrows or bandage-type contact lenses to review the day, regular review, according to the doctor asked drops of eye drops, not arbitrarily increase or decrease the number of drops or withdrawal.

7.3 to 4 hours after the emergence of foreign body sensation, tear phenomenon is a normal phenomenon. Due to individual differences in some patients,in the evening there will be pain, foreign body sensation, difficult to open eyes, tears and other normal reaction, please shut your eyes to help restore.

8. Avoid shampooing, eyebrows and so on, do not watch TV, computer, two weeks of taboo smoke, wine and spicy spicy diet, avoid the use of cosmetics within a month, to avoid excessive use of the eye , but also to avoid eye beauty care, go out to wear sunglasses for protection.

Will laser surgery be followed by myopia?