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Analysis On The Technology And Development Prospect Of Laser Night Vision

Jun 27, 2018

The laser camera is equipped with a laser light source on the analog camera, the laser light is uniformly strengthened with the spotlight; the spot auto focus technology; has the light intensity, the picture is more uniform and the illumination. Low power consumption, longer life and other advantages.

Analysis on the technology and development prospect of laser night vision

With the increase in awareness of security awareness, the requirements of the surveillance camera is getting higher and higher, infrared surveillance cameras have reached the requirements of people, the need to develop a new product to achieve beyond, so the laser surveillance camera came into being, Beijing and Puwei Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. laser camera designed for remote day and night monitoring field design, the use of active infrared laser as a source of light, the use of high-resolution low-light telephoto camera can be continuously monitored day and night. The night can be found at most 3,000 meters at the staff, vehicles, facilities and other goals.

Internal industrial-grade embedded control electronic system, to achieve the camera zoom, focus, video switching, PTZ pitch / rotation high stability control, the overall shell with super aluminum alloy reached the IP66 protection level, to ensure that equipment in the wild bad ring mirror long-term operation.

As the infrared camera occupies a large number of market share, people do not understand the new things, there is still a conflict. The advent of laser surveillance cameras, to solve the lack of infrared cameras, then the laser monitor camera relative to the infrared camera what are the advantages?

First, the clarity of the laser is higher. Infrared camera can see the image at night, but often not clear, in addition, the general infrared camera monitoring distance is limited, in some demanding security monitoring site is not feasible. Laser surveillance cameras are different, it can ignore the light intensity, through the laser infrared components and ultra-low light optical components, even in a completely dark environment can also achieve a few hundred meters night vision, while imaging is clear.

Analysis on the technology and development prospect of laser night vision

Second, the laser monitor the camera's long life. Laser monitoring camera life is 3 times of the normal infrared camera. In the 24-hour monitoring environment, laser surveillance cameras in this point on the absolute advantage.

Again, the laser monitor camera automatically adjusts the lens focal length. Many laser surveillance cameras have a certain intelligent function, it can be based on the object's distance and movement speed automatically adjust the length of the lens in order to provide a clear image quality.

Finally, low carbon green function. The traditional infrared camera heat dissipation is very large, the consumption of electricity and more, and the internal heat dissipation does not come out, causing the body overheating, seriously affecting the surveillance camera in the life of electronic components, and laser surveillance cameras completely solve this risk.

The angle of the laser camera needs to be improved, if you can do something like infrared lights can be used anywhere the situation, I believe that the elimination of infrared light just around the corner.

Laser surveillance cameras with their own advantages, I believe the near future will be a prosperous scene.