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The Characteristics And Application Of Laser Metal Marking

Jun 27, 2018

The meaning of the mark is a sign, marking, characterization,seal,engravin,printing,stamp,trademark and other synonyms, its meaning has a specific sign mark, to illustrate the attribution of things, the product manufacturer,model,grade,category,quality,size,time,measurement,testing,review,inspection, notary and so on.

The characteristics and application of laser metal marking

Laser marking is marked with a laser beam on a variety of different material surfaces. The effect of marking is to expose the deep matter through the evaporation of the surface material, or to "engrave" the traces of the chemical substances of the surface material by light, or by burning some of the material by light graphics, text. Laser Marking Features:

(1) the vast majority of metal or non-metallic materials can be processed.

(2) laser is non-mechanical "tool" for processing, the material does not produce mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress, no "tool" wear, non-toxic, rarely cause environmental pollution.

(3) the laser beam is very fine, so that the consumption of processed materials is very small.

(4) processing, not like electron beam bombardment and other processing methods that produce X-ray, nor by the electric field and magnetic field interference.

(5) simple operation, the use of computer numerical control technology can be automated processing, can be used for production lines on the parts for high-speed and efficient processing, as a flexible processing system as part of.

(6) The use of precision workbench for fine micromachining.

(7) the use of microscopic or camera system, can be processed surface conditions to observe or monitor.

(8) through the light transmission material (such as quartz, glass), its internal parts for processing.

(9) the prism can be used, the mirror system (for the Nd: YAG laser can also use optical fiber light guide system) to gather the beam to the inner or inclined surface of the workpiece for processing.

(10) can mark the bar code, numbers, characters, patterns and other signs.

(11) The sign width of these signs can be as small as 12mm, the line depth of up to 10mm below, it can "mm" size of the zero surface mark.

In general, when the metal material is marked, the color and the reflectance of the line are different from the original, because the line of the depth of several microns (the width can be several microns to several tens of microns) , So that people can be sensitive to these lines (and lines constitute the code, numbers, patterns, trademarks, etc.). For the glass, the ablation of these lines have "muffled" effect; for plastic, due to photochemical reaction and ablation, there are visual contrast and smoldering effect. If the surface of the material coated with a special colored material for marking processing, the colored material will be fixed (with the material occurred high temperature ablation) on the line and make it with color.

The characteristics and application of laser metal marking