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How To Use A Laser Marking Machine?

Nov 19, 2019

Today, LEIZE gives you a brief description of the steps for using the fiber laser marking machine (the operating system uses Ezcad as an example):

1. Clean the work surface before starting the machine to check whether the fiber laser marking machine is safely grounded. (Because the laser marking machine case is all sheet metal parts, it is easy to generate static electricity in the workshop or another environment. Static electricity will affect the computer USB. , for example, the keyboard and mouse are not sensitive, the golden orange software is of the driver, etc.)

2. Remove the protective cover of the field mirror on the laser galvanometer, open the smoke exhaust system and align it with the workbench;

3. Turn on the computer first, followed by red light, galvanometer, and laser in sequence. Double-click on the desktop to open EZCAD; (emergency stop switch, only in case of emergency, such as electric shock)

4. Create a new text document or QR code or open the file to select the file - open - select the file to be marked (the file suffix is .ezd), and the tool to be marked is fixed directly below the galvanometer And place the workpiece to be marked;

5. Aim the position, click the “Red Light (F1)” button, the laser head will release the red box and shoot it on the marking part. The 2D table will be adjusted to the position to be marked before and after, and then click “ The red light button turns off the red light and then fixes the tooling again;

6. Focus to find the focus, place the focus piece at the mark to be marked (basic contour), adjust the height of the laser head by shaking the handle, when the laser beam is the clearest on the focus piece, when the laser is brightest, the focus is completed; Parameter adjustment, including the number of processing, speed, power, frequency and filling type, try several times to pick out the results that you are satisfied with;

7. Click the “Marking (F2)” marking machine to start the marking work (marking multiple workpieces can be repeated). Marking is completed, first exit the marking software EZCAD, once to turn off the laser, galvanometer, red light, computer (just opposite the boot order). Turn off the power, cover the galvanometer cover, and clean the work surface.