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The Permanent Nature Of Laser Marking Machine--the Identification Of Low-voltage Electrical Appliances

Oct 12, 2019

At present, the marking work of low-voltage electrical appliances is mainly carried out by ink pad printing technology, specifically including the specifications of low-voltage electrical appliances such as fuses, air switches, and leakage protectors, and the identification of product names, but this also has a problem. After long-term use, the logo is easy to wear, so how can we ensure the durability and wear resistance of the marking effect? The permanent imprint of the laser marking machine is highlighted.

The fiber laser marking machine exposes the deep material through the evaporation of the surface material, thereby showing the pattern and text to be etched, so it is permanent and will not be worn away. The marking speed of the fiber laser marking machine can reach up to 8000MM. /S can meet the needs of large-scale industrial production, high efficiency. Not only that, but the fiber marking machine also has the advantages of high speed, precision, and no consumables.

fiber makring machinefiber makring machine