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Laser Marking Machine Correct Placement Environment And Installation Method

Oct 07, 2019

Installation Environment:

1. Since the laser marking machine is a precision instrument, please avoid installing the following places and environments;

2. Store the environment in the temperature range of more than 0 °C to +50 °C (no icing and condensation);

3. Store the environment with humidity above 10% to 90% relative humidity (no condensation and condensation);

4, sudden temperature changes, condensation, direct sunlight, dusty places (especially, because it is easy to cause production decline);

5. There are places with impact or severe vibration, close to the poorly ventilated walls, unstable places and inclined places, where static electricity, magnetism, noise, etc. may occur, close to water, oil, steam, chemicals, corrosive A place where gas, flammable gas, iron powder, dust, etc. occur, and maybe contaminated by foreign matter such as metal sheets or wood chips. It will have different degrees of impact on the equipment, and even some will have security risks.

Installation settings: temperature, humidity according to the specifications, temperature 15 ° C-28 ° C, humidity 20% ~ 80%, because the output of the laser changes with temperature, so must be used at the same temperature, environment (such as 23 ° C±2°C);

installation method:

1. Install the equipment in a stable or unaffected area;

2. Appropriate ventilation space is required around the laser head unit and controller unit.

3. The yellow fiber optic cable contains a very thin laser optical transmission fiber because it can easily break and affect the laser performance. Do not bend it absolutely or reduce it to a minimum R (radius 150 mm) or less.

4. When using the IDL-20T for exhaust, do not block the exhaust port and provide enough space around the device to properly discharge the heat generated by the device;

5. If the card is printed with dust when marking the laser, external ventilation should be provided to prevent dust from accumulating around the device.