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How to Quickly Improve the Marking Depth of Laser Marking Machine

Sep 03, 2018

1. From the power range of the laser, increasing the power of the laser will directly increase the depth of the laser marking. However, it must be remembered that once the power of the laser is changed, its supporting laser power supply, laser chiller, laser Q-switching system, laser cavity mirror, etc. can face replacement, and the cost will increase a lot. The workload will also increase.

2. From the laser in essence, optimizing the beam quality of the laser will also increase the strength and depth of the laser marking machine. This method is handled by the method of generating laser, such as replacing the laser material, laser crystal or replacing the higher level gas, replacing the laser pump source with more reliable and stable quality, laser full mirror and output mirror.

3, from the laser follow-up spot processing, the use of high-quality laser group can achieve twice the result with half the effort. For example, using a high-quality beam expander, the spot is expanded to a perfect spot similar to a Gaussian beam. The use of high-quality field mirrors allows the laser to pass through with better light focus and better spot. The energy used to make the spot in the effective web is more uniform.

4. If the above three basic methods cannot be changed, the laser marking machine can be used to achieve a better depth by replacing the field lens with a shorter focal length.