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How to Do If The Power Of The Laser Marking Machine Is Unstable

Aug 02, 2018

Laser marking machine belongs to professional industrial processing equipment. It takes a long time and it is prone to emergent situations. For example, many users find that the power of the laser marking machine is not stable. For the unstable power of the laser marking machine, razor lasers have organized eight common factors and provided solutions:

1. Marking speed is too fast

Solution: Slow down marking speed appropriately.

2. The laser power supply voltage drops, causing the laser output power to drop

Solution: Replace the power supply.

3. Inaccurate optical system

Solution one: Adjust the laser.

Solution two: Adjust the position of the beam expander. The incident light should be in the center of the beam expander and the exit light should be in the center of the beam hole.

4. The workpiece surface is not on the focal plane

Solution: Adjust the surface of the workpiece to focus.

5. The position and direction of the beam mirror are inaccurate

Solution: Adjust the beam expander position.

6. The laser entering the galvanometer deviates from the center

Solution: Adjust the laser.

7. Defective lens and lens

Solution: Clean or replace.

8. The long service life of the equipment

Solution: You need to inflate or replace the new laser.