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Eight Advantages Of Laser Marking Machine Processing

Aug 01, 2018

Currently, in the marking and printing industry, laser marking machines already account for over 90% of the market. The reason why laser marking machine has such a large share is because it has the following eight advantages:

1. Marking effect permanent:

Marks will not fade due to environmental concerns (touch, acidic and alkaline gases, high temperatures, low temperatures, etc.

2. Marking effect anti-counterfeiting:

Marks carved using laser marking technology are not easy to copy and change, and to a certain extent have a strong anti-counterfeiting.

3. Marking effect non-contact:

Laser marking is a non-mechanical "light knife" that can be printed on any regular or irregular surface, and the workpiece will not generate internal stress after marking, ensuring the original accuracy of the workpiece. No corrosion on the work surface, no "tool" wear, no poison, no pollution.

4. Marking effect for many industries:

Laser processing methods can process a variety of metal, non-metallic materials (aluminum, copper, iron, wood products, etc.), plastics, leather, glass, and all kinds of electronic products.

5. Marking effect High engraving accuracy:

Due to the beautiful appearance of the sculpted items on the laser marking machine, the minimum line width can reach 0.04mm. The mark is clear, long-lasting and beautiful. Laser marking meets the need to engrave large amounts of data on extremely small workpieces. For example, electronic components such as chips and three-stage tubes can make the printing requirements more precise, and the two-dimensional barcodes with higher resolution have higher market competitiveness than the imprint or inkjet marking methods.

6. Low operating costs:

The marking of the laser marking machine once formed, the marking speed is fast and there is no consumables, so the running cost is low.

7. High processing efficiency

Since the laser beam under the industrial computer control of the marking machine can be moved at a high speed (speed of 5 to 7 m/s), the marking process can be completed within several seconds. Speed is several times faster than inkjet printers!

8. Editing development speed

Due to the combination of laser technology and computer technology, users can achieve laser print output as long as they are programmed on a computer, and can change the contents of the manuscript for printing design at any time.