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Maintenance And Maintenance Knowledge Of Laser Marking Machine

Jul 04, 2018

When we use laser marking equipment, to make the equipment stable and live longer, that is how you maintain and maintain, leize the laser editor to give you some suggestions:

@ There should be no other debris on the equipment. The surface of the equipment should be kept clean.

@ Production operators should strictly operate according to the standard operating procedures and strictly prohibit arbitrary operation.

@ the equipment circuit must be reliably grounded to protect personal safety.

@ the laser marking machine should regularly replace distilled water or deionized water. When changing the water, clean the water tank carefully.

@ keep the equipment clean, strictly prohibit the use of wet cloth scrubbing equipment, strictly prohibit live cleaning equipment,

@ equipment startup and shutdown should strictly follow the opening and closing procedures, and strictly prohibit arbitrary operation.

@ It is strictly prohibited to start the laser power supply and adjust the Q power supply when the water or water circulation is abnormal.

Eight, should regularly scan the computer disk and disk defragmentation, often clean up junk files.

@ all PLT format files should be fixed and not allowed to move randomly to prevent file corruption.

@ computer crash or software no response, should immediately turn off the mirror switch.

@  check the quality and quantity of cooling water regularly, keep the internal circulating water clean, regularly clean the water tank and replace clean deionized water or pure water.

@  strictly prohibit cell phones, strong magnetic objects near the device mirror.

@  it is strictly prohibited to open the galvanometer when the marking software is not opened.

@ Prohibit the use of hands or other objects to contact lenses

@ Strictly prohibit private mobile devices

@ There is no abnormal sound in the operation of the equipment

@ Is the equipment damaged or missing

@ in case of a sudden power outage, please press the red button immediately and pull the switch to the closed or stop position one by one, or adjust the laser power current to the lowest position.

@ when the equipment is abnormal, it should stop and report in time.

@ the equipment should make relevant equipment maintenance and inspection records, and record all the contents of inspection and maintenance.

@ The contents of maintenance and inspection include:

1. daily examination content:

1) the equipment is clean and lubricated.

2) there are no sundries on and around the equipment

3) the current of the equipment is not easy to exceed 20A

4) whether the mobile phone or the strong magnetic object is close to the vibrating mirror

5) there is no abnormal sound in the operation of the equipment

6) no contact with the lens or other objects

7) equipment must be turned on and shut down strictly.

8) computer crash or software no response, immediately turn off the mirror switch.

2. the contents of regular inspection;

1) good grounding of equipment circuit

2) check the water quality and water of the cooling water

3) the use of electrical appliances and circuits

4) equipment cleaning

5) there is no abnormal sound in the movable property of the equipment

6) is there any damaged or missing component

7) the operation of the refrigerator