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Analysis On The Structure And Application Of Laser Marking Machine

Jun 27, 2018

Laser marking technology is one of the largest applications in laser processing. Laser marking is the use of high-energy density of the laser on the workpiece localized, so that the surface material vaporization or color changes in the chemical reaction, leaving a permanent marking of a marking method. Laser marking can play a variety of words, symbols and patterns, etc., the size of the characters can be from the millimeter to the micron level, which has a special significance of the product security.

Laser marking machine consists of four systems: optical system, circuit system, waterway system and control system. The optical system is mainly composed of red light, all anti, half reverse, module,field mirror, beam expander, scanning and so on. The circuit system is mainly composed of control circuit (control box), laser power supply, Q power supply, scanning power supply. The control system is mainly composed of scanning galvanometer, computer, control software (board) and so on. Water system is mainly composed of water tanks, water pipes, forming a circular waterway.

Laser marking machine advantages: good laser beam mode, electro-optical conversion efficiency, low power consumption, maintenance-free; some photoelectric measurement manufacturers to measure the laser light source from the original He-Ne laser into a diode laser to obtain the best machine life (He-Ne laser life is generally 10 ^ 4HR, and the diode laser life of 10 ^ 5HR, a difference of ten times), especially for long-term operation of the scene; instant to achieve the role of switch, suitable for communication purposes and the laser marking machine will soon be stable and down, and very suitable to use the circuit modulation of its output, such as pulse wave modulation method can be used to measure the distance (and He-Ne laser marking machine must be turned on after 30 minutes to stabilize);the use of periodic table in the Ⅲ / V family, such as gallium arsenide and other compounds can be made into a diode laser, when the current through the pn interface, due to the different compounds and issued a variety of visible laser and invisible laser.

As long as the proportion of the combination of elements to change the laser, you can change the different energy intervals, different energy intervals, providing a different output wavelength, due to the infrared and red wavelength, in communication and measurement is easy with a variety of sensors with very wide range of applications; simple and convenient operation, marking the quality of high precision; mechanical properties: compact, strong, small size advantages.

YAG laser marking machine

YAG laser marking machine series models with the highest cost-effective high-end products - laser marking machine. In recent years with the reduction of manufacturing costs have been replaced by laser marking machine laser processing users to become the preferred model of procurement, the use of laser marking machine, you can greatly save the cost of maintenance and supplies in the later maintenance, get better of the laser marking effect, and can improve the reliability of equipment, greatly reducing the amount of maintenance.

Analysis on the Structure and Application of Laser Marking Machine

YAG laser marking machine advantages:

1.Provincial lights: diode life of up to 10,000 hours to eight hours a day work, up to three years without the need to replace supplies.

2. Power: laser marking machine power consumption is only about 2KW, low power consumption.

3. Marking better: the laser produced by the monochromatic color better, better laser mode, laser focus after the smaller spot, the energy is more concentrated, can achieve better marking effect.

4. Maintenance-free: laser marking machine is almost maintenance-free, greatly increasing the stability of the equipment reliability, reducing the daily maintenance of the workload.