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Laser Marking Applications In Electronics And Electrical

Aug 10, 2017

With the development of the times, the electronic and electric industry requires that the product print model, batch number, manufacturer's information and so on because many components look exactly the same, there is no model, no identification at all.Traditional ink, silk printing and other methods, processing speed is slow, easy to erase, the smell is heavier, not exquisite, not accord with low carbon environmental protection requirements, laser marking engraving and processing flexibility.Good permanent, high definition and wear resistance.

The application of the laser marking machine on phone xiaomi's mobile power adapter is not to touch the carved, make the customer easy to identify, avoid the copy.

laser marking xiaomi  .jpg

In the application of the laser marking machine in the case of the phone shell, the high quality high-end model and the laser marking machine can meet the black of the shell logo and are widely used in the various shell of the iphone company.

laser marking iPhone shell logo.png

Laser marking machine in security applications of usb cable, anti-theft usb cable marking label, in the mobile phone industry, automobile industry, and so on are applied to the security is defined as to alarm, someone steal will automatically alarm.

laser marking sim card.png

The application of the laser marking machine on the sim card, marking the content as digital, bar code, high precision and delicate firgures.Pollution-free features are environmentally friendly, and the content is permanent and will not fall out for life.