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Laser Light Source Becomes The Future Direction

Jul 24, 2017

Nowadays, more and more home appliance manufacturers are moving toward the laser TV product line, and as a series of brands go further, the laser projection has gradually gained the attention of the consumer group.For some families who love movies and family space, building a home theater is no longer a dream.Throughout the projector market, we can find that the light source is mainly divided into three categories: light source, LED light source and laser light source.


Laser light source can be used for digital film and other professional fields and engineering fields, while the LED light source is mainly used in entertainment, miniature portable projection equipment and other fields.

The laser light source has the characteristics of wavelength selective and high spectral brightness, which can synthesize the color field coverage of the natural color of the human eye with over 90% color, and realize the perfect color reduction.At the same time, the laser light source has high brightness and long service life, greatly reducing the maintenance cost in the later stage.At the same time, the laser projector can be activated almost instantaneously, reaching the working brightness instantly, so the laser light source projector can see the fast switching machine.


The projector with laser light source can achieve much more color space than traditional light source, and its color is higher than that of traditional light source projector.At the same time, the traditional projector in use process will produce brightness attenuation, color saturation, the phenomenon such as lower contrast, so as to make the output image quality compared with the new projector.However, the projector with laser light source has long maintained high brightness, color saturation and contrast with the low attenuation characteristics of the light source, and the color of the image is always bright as new.In the long run, because laser projection technology is used by many manufacturers in the industry, its production costs and price barriers will fall within a certain time to the acceptable range of ordinary users.Considering the maintenance cost and the performance of the product, the laser projector is the best display in the home theater.