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Laser Inkjet Printer Used In Plastic Bottles

Jun 27, 2018

Adelholzener is a German company that produces medical water, mineral water, drinking water and soft drinks. The company's eight filling system can be filled with 240,000 bottles per hour, they as much as possible for the human to provide the best quality products, strict reference to seven control processes, and sophisticated testing to ensure product quality.

Laser inkjet printer used in plastic bottles

Adelholzener currently has six domino dot matrix laser printer used at its filling plant for inkjet on paper and plastic labels. Recently, the newly developed DSL1 inkjet printer; DSL50 scribing laser inkjet printer has also been installed in the company's two filling lines in place. They are installed in the Krones Solomatic (production of 40000 bottles / hour) and Krones Topmatic (production of 55000 bottles / hour) filling line, can be directly labeled in the label on the standard.

DSL1 L50 can print in real time clear and permanent logo, from a simple line of production batch number to multi-line variable information, can be easily achieved; when printing two lines logo, the jet speed can reach 70,000 bottles / hour; printed high in the 2-3 mm between the line height of 0.4 mm or print beautifully. Therefore, whether it is a traditional paper label or aluminum foil label, DSL1 L50 can always be a special way to print the validity period, time and product batch number.

Laser inkjet printer used in plastic bottles

The DSL1 L50 has the most compact and lightweight laser printheads of similar laser products and can be easily integrated into existing Krones filling lines. Users can also install and process print text with advanced DynaMarkò control software and unique scanning technology.

In addition, the DSL1 L50 is designed for harsh production environments. The outer and laser heads are made of stainless steel with IP65 protection, resistance to rinsing, dust resistance and suitable for Adelholzener's damp production environment.

DSL1 L50 laser equipment with its easy operation, high stability, low cost of maintenance come to the fore, in improving production, enhance business satisfaction, etc., to win the praise of Adelholzener company. In this case, many customers are beginning to accept new products and technologies, the DSL1 L50 scribing laser machine tried.