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Laser Engraving Processing To Create Fashion Crafts

May 18, 2017

First, ready to carve the product

This is also an important part of the preparation work in advance, many times people are actually very clear that this handicrafts in the production of the above results, the choice of basic products is also very critical, for example, we often see some of the cup Of the lean carving time, is the first to choose a cup for their own, this is the most critical hungry link, only ready for the basis of the cup, then the next step in the operation, but also can make their own better Proceed to the next step.

Second, set the carving content

In general, in the use of this laser engraving process for the production of handicrafts, it is necessary in advance for this carving content has a set, for example, want to carve a what kind of effect is also very important one aspect. This kind of carving content is produced before it can be carried out the next step, if it is directly engraved production, then if there is any error in the middle or want to change, it would be very troublesome.