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Laser Engraving Machine General Use Method

Sep 07, 2017


(1) When using auto focus, pay attention to the automatic coke bar must be fastened, otherwise the work surface will be top to the laser head, and make it off the track.

(2) laser engraving machine at work, prohibit open the cover (top cover and front cover), otherwise it will stop the laser emission, affecting the quality of processing.

(3) processing of the workpiece, you must open the smoke and smoke blowing equipment to avoid dust pollution focus lens and reflective lens, otherwise it will affect the lens focus and reflection, which indirectly affect the processing strength, processing accuracy.

(4) processing wood, paper parts, we must pay close attention to processing speed and processing strength, to avoid too slow, the intensity is too high and produce a flame. Flame will damage the focus lens, the light will affect the processing strength, processing accuracy, heavy machine will not be used.

(5) for the initial user for irregular workpiece processing, you must first red positioning to determine whether the processing position is accurate, or prone to waste.