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What Software Should I Use When Setting Up The Laser Engraving Machine?

Oct 17, 2019

The laser engraving machine is set up with three engraving software: Photoshop, AutoCAD and CorelDRAW.

In addition to the engraving pattern path of the engraving software, many users will set the engraving path to engrave and use the unique engraving product designed by the CNC engraving machine. However, the path program setting of the CNC engraving machine is very important, and once the error is engraved, it will not be possible. Generally, due to the processing material, it is only necessary to properly adjust the path of the engraving machine that has been designed, so it is necessary to use the editing function of the path: first set the starting point, you can engrave any point in the engraving path of the CNC engraving machine. Defined as the starting point of the engraving path to change the position of the falling point during machining, we can adjust the starting position according to the requirements of the machining process. The second is to set the path reversal and change the engraving path of the selected CNC engraving machine to the opposite direction so that the machining direction is consistent with the texture of the processed material. Make the processing effect more perfect. Once again, design the arc fit. For tool paths and machining calculations, the results obtained using the arc curve are better than the short fold lines. It can significantly reduce toolpaths, save machining time, and make the machined curve smoother.

Finally, the ribs are set: the ribs are set to avoid the damage or processing error of the machined parts caused by the movement of the object before the end of the machining, and the workpieces are not completely disconnected. Separate them by hand. We can make the material reinforcement in the position where there is no processing requirement.