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What Are The Causes And Solutions For The Noise Of The Laser Engraving Machine?

Apr 10, 2019

The laser engraving machine plays an important role in the engraving process and plays an important role in the engraving. Due to the long-term use of the engraving machine, it is inevitable that there will be problems. When there is a problem, we should not worry. If we want to find out the reason, if we can't, we can look for professional and technical personnel to guide. The noise of the engraving machine is a frequent failure. In this case, we have to analyze it carefully and then prescribe the right medicine. Below we analyze the situation and their respective solutions.

1, impurity sound

Due to the quality of the bearings or the quality of cleanliness, an irregular anomalous sound is announced, sometimes when there is no sound when it is large and small, it is frequent on high-speed motors.

Solution: use good grease, improve the cleanliness before grease injection, strengthen the sealing function of the bearing, and improve the cleanliness of the installation environment.

2, the sound of leaching

Oscillation and triggering by the applicator and the rolling body can cause seizures regardless of the smooth fat variety, and it is easier to accept the time when the torque, load or radial clearance is large.

Solution: Improve the accuracy of the adherent, select the bearing with a small clearance or apply preload and reduce torque load to the bearing, reduce the device error, and choose good grease.

3, the sound of squeaking

The no-load operation of the motor is to announce the same sound of a similar beep, and the motor has an abnormal axial oscillation, and there is a click when turning on or off.

Solution: Most of the current smooth conditions, as well as the motor in the winter and the ball bearings at both ends, mainly when the shaft alignment function is not good, an unstable oscillation under the influence of axial oscillation.