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Laser Engraving Machine Laser Cutting Machine 3 Reasons For Laser Lens Scratching

Jan 12, 2019

What are the causes of laser lens scratches? Many customers say that they have "doubled care" for laser lenses. How can they accidentally produce various scratches? Many improperly operated areas can cause various scratches on the laser lens. Radium laser introduces the causes of the scratches of the three kinds of laser lenses so that everyone can reduce the scratches in the future use, in order to extend the life of the laser lens.

1, laser lens cleaning and wiping treatment is not caused. The materials of these laser lenses are mainly chemical crystal materials such as crystals of silicon and crystals of zinc selenide. These materials have higher purity and lower hardness than glass materials, so they cannot be wiped with a slightly hard material. Level the cotton ball to take a proper amount of high-concentration alcohol or use distilled water for circular cleaning. If you press a little harder like a glass to wipe the laser lens, the softer wipe will make it easier to scratch the laser lens, although it is not easy to see with the naked eye in very clean conditions.

2. The laser lens is easily contaminated by impurities in the airflow during the processing and the spattering point of the cutting area. When dealing with these not so good wipes, it is easy to damage the laser lens body.

3. The laser focusing mirror has certain bump points. When removing and wiping, please pay attention to place the convex surface of the lens on the clean lens paper. Do not move the finger gently. Do not use too much force, otherwise, it will be easily damaged.

The above is the cause of the scratch of the laser lens. When customers wipe the lens, it is best to use our special lens paper to wipe, so as to avoid the occurrence of scratches.