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Laser Engraving Machine Daily Care And Maintenance Guide

Jul 23, 2018

ALL Laser machines need our daily good maintenance and maintenance to be used longer. Today, Leize says how the laser engraving machine should be maintained and maintained.

1.First, the cleaning of the water tank: The tank is recommended to use pure water, and the temperature should not exceed W°C. If it exceeds, the water must be changed or cooled. Remember to turn off the power before cleaning the water tank to avoid accidental electric shock. Then unplug the water inlet, let the water in the laser tube automatically return to the tank, then open the tank, remove the water pump, clean the dirt on the pump. After cleaning the interior of the water tank, it is installed as it is. The water pump is powered on for a few minutes and the laser tube is filled with water.

2. Cleaning the fan: The fan has been used for a long time. No matter if it is outside the net cover or inside the blade, it will have very thick dust. This will result in small wind, no power, and abnormal noise. The fan of the laser engraving machine is also the same, and it needs to be removed periodically to clean the dust on the fan blades and the net cover.

3. Cleaning the lens: The laser engraving machine has three reflection lenses and a focusing lens. The laser is reflected by the lens and is focused and emitted from the laser head. Because the lens is on the outside, it is easily stained with dirt and dirt. If it is not clean, it will cause loss of the lens. Therefore, it is best to wipe out the outside of the lens every day, every two or three days to remove the lens and use the cleaning solution to wipe it again, which does not take long. However, it can effectively increase the useful life of the lens.

4. Clean the rails: When you need to shut down, it is recommended to clean 2-3 times a month. The guide rails and linear axes are one of the core components of the equipment. During the machining process, a large amount of dust will be generated from the processing materials. These dusts will be largely covered on the surface of the guide rails and linear shafts, which will affect the accuracy of the equipment processing, and will also result in the loss of equipment. Years of use, in order to allow the equipment to work properly and use it longer, it is necessary to pay attention to daily cleaning and maintenance.

5. Check the tightening of the screws and couplings. Vibration generated by the machine operation will loosen the screws and couplings at successive places, which will affect the stability of the machine. Therefore, the screws should be tightened one by one using the tools at intervals.

6. Check the light path: The light path system is completed by the mirror and the focus lens of the laser engraving machine. The focus lens in the light path will not be offset. However, the mirror may be offset because it is mechanically fixed. Under normal circumstances, No offset will occur, but it is advisable to check that the light path is operating properly before any work and there is no offset.

The above is a summary of several methods and precautions for the routine maintenance and maintenance of laser engraving machines summarized by Leize. It is essential to use long-term equipment, daily maintenance, and maintenance。