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The Inadequacy Of Laser Engraving In Application

Jun 27, 2018

1. Some materials exist in the case of laser processing difficult, so need to confirm whether the use of laser irradiation printing processing.

2. After printing does not necessarily show the color. Printing color and so on are the laser characteristics and material to determine the different, because the laser itself is a certain wavelength, so the product determines the color of the hair color effect, hair color less freedom.

3. There is a need for security measures. As the current use of laser marking machine for more than 4 laser, are dangerous equipment, the skin and eyes are a certain damage, so the equipment must be installed and implemented safety facilities.

4. Laser engraving at the same time will produce a certain amount of smoke or dust, the production environment of the pharmaceutical industry have an impact, and in the engraving of different materials will produce different toxic and hazardous substances and gases, such as chloride containing substances on equipment and The body back to produce chemical damage, ceramic products will produce sharp dust after the particles, into the lung is not easy to discharge and so on. It is necessary to add a local industrial vacuum cleaner at the same time to filter.