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Laser Cutting Method-1

Jun 26, 2018

Ⅰ vaporization cutting

This kind of cutting refers to the removal of the material that being processed is mainly by vaporizing.

In the processing of vaporization cutting, the temperature of the workpiece rapidly rises to the vaporization temperature under the action of the focused laser beam, a large number of materials vaporized, and forming the high-pressure steam jet outward. At the same time, a "hole" is formed in the laser action area. The multiple reflection of the laser beam in the hole makes the absorption of the laser material rapidly increase.

During the high-pressure steam jetting, the melt in the slit is simultaneously blown away until the workpiece is cut off. Within the vaporization cutting mainly by means of vaporization of the material, so the required power density is very high, generally should reach to eighth-power of 10 watts per square centimeter or more.

Vaporization cutting is the method for some low-flash point materials cutting (such as wood, carbon and some plastics) and refractory materials (such as ceramics, etc.). Materials that cutting use pulsed laser are also used vaporization cutting method.